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Incubus - July 25th, 1998
David Harpe interviews Snot backstage at Ozzfest '98

Dave: Where did your band start?

Lynn: Most of us started out in Santa Barbara, California, about an hour north of L.A. Mike Doling and I started the band. Then we had some members come out from back east and join eventually to finish off the lineup.

Dave: How long ago did you start the band?

Lynn: It's been about five years. We're a pretty young band.

Dave: How's the tour been so far?

Lynn: It's been fun. There are a bunch of young bands on tour. The Soulfly tribe is very special to us. Max and Gloria and their children are on the tour. It's a family atmosphere but it's not a staunch one.

Dave: How'd the name "Snot" come about?

Lynn: All of the cool names were taken. [laughs] We just wanted to get it over with. We really didn't want to get hung up on the aesthetics really, we just wanted to out and play and have fun. We just sort of went with it and dropped that part off as quickly as possible.

Dave: Tell me the whole story about the nudity incident in Massachusetts

Lynn: God, I've told it so many times. Basically, they [Limp Bizkit] were ribbing me about coming up on their stage and singing, and I made a remark and said that I wasn't afraid to do it. They said I was, and I said I wasn't afraid to do it NAKED. And they took that and ran with it. They had a dominatrix onstage with them at the time during this one song. So I pulled her aside and told her that I was going to do this thing, but I'm going to have this towel around me and I'm like just kneel down in front of me, I'll have this towel around me and it'll be no big deal, nobody will be able to see and I'll have this towel around me. So she walks up out of their big toilet and she's kneeling in front of me and of course I'm going to drop the towel, because it wouldn't be fucking metal if I didn't! [laughs] And when I dropped the towel she kind of gasped...and she ended up giving me a blow job for a few minutes. So I took her by the chain, she was wearing this collar chain, so I took her my the chain, I wrapped my towel around me, led her back around and gave her to Fred, the lead singer for Limp Bizkit, and he tried to grab my towel so I sort of ran and I see out of the corner of my eye that there are other people running and I'm thinking, "Security", and I'm like oh fuck, it's like Massachusetts police and everything and so I go down this one hallway and I go to the end of the hallway and there's like only one door.
    So I go through the door, slam it shut and lock it, and I turn around and it's the youngest daughter of Sharon and Ozzy! At this point I have my clothes balled up in front and in back of me and she's like, "What's going on?" and I say, "I need to use your bathroom, I'm naked!" and she says, "Okay" and I go in there and I put my shorts on...that's all I have time for...I hear them banging on the door and I hear laughter coming from the other room. So I go in there and it's Sharon! And I'm like, oh, man, I've really done it this time. But she's laughing, and I'm thinking that's a good sign at least. So I say, "Sharon, I wish I could have met you under better circumstances, but right now if I don't run out of the back door of your dressing room, I'm going to get arrested!", and I give her a big kiss on the cheek and I ran out the back door of her dressing room.
    I make it around a couple of set boxes and I pass a couple of security guards and made it past them and I'm working my way around these things and there's no one around me at this point. And I look back and there's Ozzy's two dogs...these two fluffy dogs...and they're hot on my tail. Barking! And I'm like, oh shit. Public nudity is one thing, but fucking with Ozzy's dogs is another thing. I'm a dog owner, so I know how important that is. So I pick up the dogs and I turn around and start walking back the other way. When the first security guard that runs up to me to catch me I say, "These are Ozzy's dogs and if you fuck up, you're gonna be in big trouble!" And I put the dogs in his arms and he couldn't chase after me with the dogs in his hands, right? So I take off running and make it for another fifteen or twenty minutes....then the head of the venue I think it was, found me in a boiler room closet trying to get the rest of my clothes on. And he walked me over to the cop compound. And I probably could have smacked him and the other guy and got away but that might have made it worse.
    So I go over there nicely and they said, "What's your name and what band are you in?" and I said, "I'm Dave Mustaine from Megadeth" Without a hitch I answered that one. I had 'em going for a little while, 'cause I have a picture of Dave Mustaine on my laminate also. So, they were a little confused. That had 'em actually fucked up for a little while. They were rustling around trying to figure out who I really was and then they figured it out...the bright cops from reading my laminate....after about an hour. I got arrested for indecent exposure in Massachusetts. They took down all of my information and they ran me for warrants and I had that state...or any other...I don't think. Knock on wood. They said to expect a summons in the mail and then I'd have to show up in court in Massachusetts.
    I've been in a million and a half criminal cases where I've been the butt of the criminal case. I have a good lawyer. And I don't really expect any help from other entities as far as the label or anything like that. I'll deal with it myself like I do all the other bullshit I get myself into.

Dave: Wow! What a story!

Lynn: Yeah. It's the only way my dumb ass into MTV, that's for sure!

Dave: How did you guys get hooked up with Ozzfest?

Lynn: I really don't know how, or why, it happened. I know that we played the shit out of L.A. and that we have a pretty good reputation around as far as our live show and then Sharon and Ozzy came out and saw us. Obviously they heard the disc. Ozzy told me he liked our live show a lot and that made me feel really good...obviously when someone like that says something as validating as that I was really appreciative. He came and saw us at The Palace. It was quite unnerving, actually, seeing him. I walked past him on my way up to the stage and it about scared the shit out of me. You know? Like, "There's Ozzy! Omigod!" Like now I have to go out and play and walk right past him and walk right on stage and I had all that on my mind and it was hard to concentrate on the business at hand. But I was really impressed that he took the time to come out and see us.

Dave: What are your plans after Ozzfest? Tour?

Lynn: We're going to be touring indefinitely...for the rest of our lives, hopefully! What we'd like to do is get out of the country...'cause we've yet to do that. We haven't really extensively released out of the country yet. We're either going to try to do that, or we're going to go into the studio and work on another album and hopefully our label will send us out to Europe on the second one...if not after this.