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During the summer of 1998, I was lucky enough to take a journey across the US with The Ozzfest '98 concert tour.  With a digital camera, I captured images of a high-intensity non-stop rock & roll tour on the road.  In addition, I kept a diary to document some of the experiences I had while on tour.  With my trusty laptop, I sent these images and words to the Internet only a few moments after they were created.  Fans all over the world were able to follow the tour as it moved through New Jersey, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan, Missouri, Kansas, Florida, North Carolina and Virginia.


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David Harpe
December 21st, 1998

The images, text, layout and design are ?1998 David Harpe, all rights reserved.   Reproduction of this site or it's contents, in whole or in part, is strictly prohibited.  Not for sale or commercial use.

The name "Ozzfest", "Ozzfest 1998" and the Ozzfest logo are ?1998 Ozzy Osbourne, all rights reserved.

All digital stills were taken with a Sony Mavica FD-7 digital still camera.   Approximately 40 images were taken using a point-and-shoot APS camera.  APS negatives were scanned using a Kodak FD-300 APS film scanner.  50 images were provided by the video team using a Sony VX-1000, captured using unknown software.

Adobe Photoshop was used for photo retouching.   Microsoft Frontpage 98 was used for page layout and composition.   Thumbnail pages were created using custom Perl programs written by David Harpe.